Hotel Sales Manager Shortage: Filling the Gap in Your Team

The Situation:

North American hotels are experiencing a surge in travel demand, but a critical gap is hindering their comeback: a shortage of qualified hotel sales managers. This lack of talent impacts securing lucrative contracts, group bookings, and travel agency partnerships, jeopardizing revenue growth.

Reasons for the Shortage:

  • Industry Shift: Pandemic-driven job changes left the industry with fewer experienced sales managers.
  • Competitive Landscape: Attractive compensation packages in other sectors make it harder for hotels to compete.
  • Shifting Priorities: Millennial and Gen Z job seekers prioritize work-life balance and remote work options, which traditional hotel sales roles often lack.

Finding the Right Talent:

  • Target Recent Graduates: Attract hospitality degree holders and offer comprehensive sales training programs.
  • Embrace Flexibility: Consider hybrid work models or flexible scheduling to appeal to those seeking better work-life balance.
  • Partner with Specialized Recruiters: Leverage the expertise of hospitality recruitment firms like H.M.S. Careers.

Why H.M.S. Careers Stands Out:

  • Deep Industry Knowledge: They understand the specific needs of both hotels and sales professionals, ensuring a successful match.
  • Extensive Network: Their vast hospitality industry network allows them to access a hidden pool of talent.
  • Targeted Search: They employ specific search strategies to find ideal candidates with the right skills and experience.
  • Long-Term Focus: They prioritize building long-term relationships with both hotels and candidates, leading to successful placements.


By partnering with specialized recruiters like H.M.S. Careers, hotels can overcome the sales manager shortage and secure the talent they need to fill rooms and maximize revenue. The hospitality industry is poised for a comeback, and with the right team in place, hotels can ensure they have a sold-out show.

This article was written by Keith Bennitz, a hospitality industry expert with 30 years experience in hospitality recruitment. For more information on hospitality recruitment solutions, contact [email protected] or text 416-670-1763.